Beginning of a new month and I decided to get back onto the game dev horse. 

I started this project back in January just as something to keep me busy during quiet evenings and learn some more things about Unity that I hadn't explored before. I was happy with my progress by the end of January, but February had other plans for me which meant I didn't put any time into the project. 

At the start of February, I said to myself I wanted to look into shaders, to have a play around with them and try out some different effects. I keep seeing amazing work being posted on Twitter and wanted to have a go myself.  I plan to achieve this in March as well as going through bug fixing, implementing some polish and some more levels into the game. .

Fingers crossed that I can get some more stuff done this month and learn something new along the way!


MinimalistGolf_V0.01 6 MB
Mar 03, 2018

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