Shaders and Polish!

Another week has gone by and I've been busy trying to find the time to get back onto this project among other things! Thankfully, I've started to find the time to have a look at some shaders in Unity. So far this has been interesting and not as bad as I thought!  

Starting off simple, I've been looking into image effects such as blur and recreating some good ol' GameBoy graphics! 

From this , I soon started to see that this game maybe wasn't the best one to show off the shaders but still served its purpose as a learning ground for me to try new things! (Also, the UI isn't being done through the shader - something to look at for another day!) 

Over the remainder of this month I'm wanting to try and do a glitch shader (Recently gotten into Watch Dogs 2 in my spare time so this may have fueled this thought slightly) and try to figure it out myself! Wish me luck on that adventure! 

For the project itself.  I've done some bug fixing, code refactoring (everyone's best friend!) and adding in some polish as well. Now the levels transition between each other a lot nice than before thanks to some tweening and some SFX. 

Now we have the items needed in the level popping in and the background color lerping between it's current and next colour which I feel works really nicely. 

I've uploaded a new build if you're wanting to have a play around for yourself! My current task for this next week is to be getting some more levels in and seeing what areas I can spruce the game up a bit.


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Mar 11, 2018

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